• Filet mignon served
  • Interior, bar area
  • Glasses of different drinks served.

Goober's Diner

About us

Our owner, Vance Kershner, had an idea to open a traditional stainless steel retro classic diner in Wilmington because…well…because we needed one!

Vance, in addition to owning the Diner, is an avid car collector and owns the garage that houses part of his collection, which is also on the property. Years ago there was a television show called The Andy Griffith Show set in the small town of Mayberry. The early sitcom featured a character named Goober Pyle who, you guessed it, was an auto mechanic that ran "Goobers Garage", hence the name of the building next to the Diner. We carried the name "Goober" through to the diner because the television show featured a cast of characters that exemplified good, wholesome, decent people with a fair amount of fun...exactly what we want for Goober's Diner! Make no mistake though, Goobers is no greasy spoon and they'll be no Flo or Mel (not that it would be a bad thing). Our executive Chef, Tom Hannum - Certified Executive Chef and Culinary Institute of America Graduate - has handpicked the culinary and service team that will bring Vance's concept to reality.
Our goal is to serve great, wholesome but uncomplicated food in a fun, clean environment. Our menu will change seasonally, but classic diner fare will always be available and breakfast from opening to closing.